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Free Credit Score

When it comes to car buying, iPreCheck™ provides you with your real-time credit score. It is always free and does not require your social security number. It is safe, secure, and will not affect your credit ever. You could be saving hundreds, or thousands of dollars by lowering your interest rate.

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Transparent Solutions

Our innovative technology allows you to instantly obtain your updated credit score, terms, APR, and maximum amount financed – before you even set your foot in the dealership! You can also get a comparison of your current payment against your pre-qualification promptly. There’s absolutely no lengthy credit application process, so you can eliminate any wasted time.

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Credit Monitoring

Powered by TransUnion, iPreCheck serves your needs to monitor your credit score. A credit monitoring watches your credit reports and alerts you whenever there are changes to your credit. This helps you stay on track with checking your eligibility for an upgrade or lower payment, and makes your car buying process more efficient. Get ahead in life to save time and money.

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Credit Insight

iPreCheck provides you with the tools to inform you regarding credit, identity and safety, and score simulator. We guide you to have firm understandings on your credit and offer you resources that put you in control.

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